Our clients, our history

We've worked with dozens of organizations in many industries throughout the years. However, with the rapid changes in society, we're committed to develop new ways of thinking in order to come up with better solutions. We're eager to accept new challenges that any industry can throw at us.

Industries We Serve

We're not limited to a single industry, we embrace them all. Over the years we continue to build expertise in several industries which can be radically different.

Oil & Gas

We've 13 years of experience with Oil&Gas industry implementing several major projects helping our customer achieve their most important milestones.

Projects we've been involved recently:

  • An integration system that helps our customer manage millions of transactions between ERP, CRM, Pricebook, Licensing and BI systems;
  • A web and mobile application that traces (geolocation) and monitors millions of dollars of assets worldwide;
  • Implemented an entire cloud solution based on microservices architecture that supported a new SaaS business model;
  • Coordinated an effort to re-engineer several legacy systems to bring them to the cloud, including lift&shift;
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Control Room Software

For almost 10 years we have helped our client to design, build and deploy a critical product in the Video Wall industry.

They had a difficult problem to solve which involved a lot of R&D and we assembled a custom team that had the exact skills they needed. Year after year our relationship grew stronger their product achieved enormous success.

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Enterprise Solutions and Integration

Most companies we work bring their own unique combination of enterprise applications including CRM, ERP, SCM, BI, CMS and so on.

Because those large system rarely talk to each other, we've dedicated many years in perfecting the craft of integrating them. From a simple data sync to full fledged business intelligence tools that coordinate millions of transactions per day. We've stepped through any possible combination of enterprise products you can imagine, just name it!

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Clients We Work With

  • Schlumberger
  • Mauell
  • Instituto Ethos
  • Minha Biblioteca
  • Atos Origin
  • Walmart Institute Brasil (IWM)
  • Vivo
  • Banco Cacique

Great partnership.

We started a partnership in 2012, when we were just a startup. ZBRA team developed a creative solution to integrate our systems keeping it agile and flexible. This allowed us to expand and grow so we're extremely happy with this partnership.

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