We are ZBRA and we're passionate about software. Are you?

Building software It's not about fulfilling requirements and fast deliveries anymore. It's different now, it requires true grit. Cloud services make it easy to get things off the ground quickly and cheap, radically reducing the time and complexity to deliver. In that new digital era teams need to find a more creative, collaborative and efficient approach - one that foster continuous improvement, experimentation and taking risks. That's what we're about.

ZBRA Story

ZBRA started as a small team with few projects, obviously. A few passionate developers doing amazing work together and keeping customers delighted. As projects came to their natural end, other projects would pick up their place and continue to keep our team busy. Over time our team grew to support the demand for more and more projects. To our surprise all that growth happened entirely mouth to mouth without a single dime being invested in sales or marketing strategies. We had clearly found some sort of sweet spot to a necessity shared by all of our clients. Now, more than ten years later, we're confident this did not happen by chance. It happened as a byproduct of the incredible team we managed to put together over all those years.


Why Work for Us

Joining the ZBRA team will not only put you in touch with smart and passionate people but will also fulfill the need that software developers have: write code that you're proud of. We're in constant search for the best way of solving problems while applying the latest technologies and frameworks. We treat all members with the utmost respect and we care about your well being. Happiness through work is definitely possible.

Team Pic